13. tammikuuta 2005

Kattokaa mitä mä löysin / Look what I found

Tälläiseen neulelehteen törmäsin Theresan blogissa, aivan uusi tuttavuus minulle. Sivuilla oli todella kivan näköisiä ohjeita.

Ja langan määrästä kärsiville kertauksena anonyymiltä saamani vinkit

Lily Chin's Top 10 Ways to Hide the Stash":
1. Tape a bag of yarn to the underside of all chairs—who'll know?
2. Put a slipcover over a bag of yarn, stick it on the couch, call it a pillow.
3. Remove the cushions of the couch, stuff with yarn instead.
4. There are narrow books that don't reach all the way to the back of the bookshelf. That "dead" space behind such books is good for several skeins.
5. Do you wear all your shoes at the same time? No, stick a skein of yarn in each unworn shoe (boots are great for this very reason).
6. Everyone has clothes in the closet that are never, ever worn. Sew up the bottoms of the garments, insert yarn. Do not forget to sew up bottoms of sleeves. There's enough in each sleeve for more than a bag's worth.
7. Never cook, only order take-out or go to restaurants. You've now got the whole oven!
8. Look to the china cabinet. That large soup tureen? Maybe a bag. Large teapot? A few balls. Covered dish? The same.
9. The freezer is advantageous for fuzzies such as angora or mohair. Make sure to place in plastic bag first. This is known as the high-fiber diet!
10. Get a really large box and fill it up with lots and lots of yarn. Put a tablecloth over it. Voila, instant dresser…

For once more, great tips for those who has too much yarn at home. I found a new knitting magazine from the net when I was reading Theresa's blog.

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