17. kesäkuuta 2005

Perhostoppi / Butterfly-top

Anttilan alekorista talvella löytyneet Lily-kerät saivat uuden olomuotonsa extempore, ilman ohjetta, mittoja tai valmista hahmotelmaa. Ihan kiva lopputulos, tytär vaati että topissa pitää olla perhonen ja siitä laitan lähikuvan myöhemmin.

I suddenly just had to knit this top, I had no pattern or measures or nothing, this just came. My daughter loves it and I´m pleased. There's even a little butterfly which I crocheted.

2 kommenttia:

Michelle kirjoitti...

That's such a cute top -- I wish I could do things like that without a pattern!

Sandra kirjoitti...

You have a daughter??!!!! I must have been slept over some informations!

Yes, it is so nice knitting for little ones, but I promised myself I would't knit for my older one because she always changes her mind fer rows before binding off. Yes, I officially became sucker!